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Roof Repair

Roofs develop leaks, even years before the entire roof needs replacing. Roof leaks are usually the result of damage caused by a cracked or missing shingle from weather, a lack of maintenance or occasional tree damage. Damage to a flat roof can be as simple as a cracked or blistered seam, or water pooling in a particular area.

Repairing a leak requires examination of the roof to find where the leak originates and determining a cost efficient and appropriate means of repair. When you request a roof repair estimate from Winter Park Roofing, you will be met by a qualified, friendly, and informative roofing professional. We will locate the source of the leak and apprise you of the best course of action for repair.   During our inspection process, we will strive to match roofing materials as closely as possible and also assess the remaining life expectancy of your current roof.   After receipt of our evaluation and cost estimate, we will work with you to schedule the repair at a mutually convenient time.

At Winter Park Roofing, we pride ourselves on exemplary customer service and satisfaction. Our mission is to service your roofing needs with the utmost in professionalism and honesty. Our goal is to get it right the first time with our high workmanship standards. Our team will keep you informed, and always be available to answer your questions.

Whether Winter Park Roofing provides you with a repair or not, the key to extending the life of your roof is proper maintenance. Keeping gutters, and valleys free from tree debris is a must. Many repairs are the result of leaves left on the surface of the roof. Debris can cause water to back up under the shingles and underlayment and lead to a roof leak.


We are so confident in our repair work we offer a full 90-day warranty.

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