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Skylight Installation

Skylights are a beautiful feature easily added to a home. They are a source of natural lighting and create an illusion of spaciousness that give a room more aesthetic appeal. With proper installation and maintenance, skylights are an affordable touch of “something special” that increases interest. Whether you are adding new skylights or are interested in maintaining or repairing existing skylights, Winter Park Roofing has over 20 years of expert skylight experience with which to satisfy your requirements.

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Skylight Maintenance

While skylights are a wonderful addition to a home, they can also sustain damage from the impact of falling and windblown debris or other forms of accident. Florida weather fluctuations will cause seals to expand and contract which can result in water intrusion over time. To prevent water intrusion, regular upkeep to the seals is necessary.

If you home already includes skylights, an annual inspection for regular roof maintenance is the best safeguard against unexpected damage.

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